Author: Ivan Kocmarek

Team Canada?

Looking back at Canada’s First Age of Comics, the WECA period (1941-6), we find that it never produced a team of superheroes like the JSA/JLA, The Avengers, The Mighty Crusaders, or Alpha Flight. Among the three “big” publishers we find that for two of them, Maple Leaf out of Vancouver and Toronto’s Anglo-American, their heroes just weren’t really super enough. Sure Maple Leaf had the Flash Gordon type Brok Windsor and Cosmo and his White Magic, but they didn’t have any extraordinary abilities. Anglo-American had loads of feature characters (Freelance, Commander Steele, Terry Kane, Dr. Destine, Red Rover, etc)...

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Hockey is back!!

Hockey is back!! In appreciation of this, I want to share a relevant WECA splash. It’s a good thing that comics can’t be prorogued or locked out, but, in a way, maybe that’s what happened to American comics when Canada’s Parliament instated the War Exchange Conservation Act in December of 1940 and allowed the First Great Age of Canadian Comics and then again in reverse to Canadian comics themselves when the act was lifted after the end of the war. In a way this also happened to a certain type of comic after 1954 with the Comics Code Authority....

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Whites Tsunami

As is well-known now, the War Exchange Conservation Act (WECA) enacted on Dec. 6, 1940 stopped all American comics from coming into Canada. Canadian entrepreneurs took advantage of this vacuum and produced the first Canadian comic age with the appearance of Robin Hood Comics and Better Comics both cover dated March 1941. This age lasted at least until the end of 1946, just about 6 years. My wish in this section is to share some of the great “splash” pages from these WECA books (affectionately known as Canadian Whites). This is often great artwork seldom accessible to most collectors....

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