Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Bound Together | Captain America The Classic Years

In 1989 Marvel decided to give some Joe Simon and Jack Kirby works the deluxe treatment in the form of hardcover reprints.  The Fighting American, Captain America and Boys Ranch were reprinted as hardcover volumes outside of the Marvel Masterworks program that was in full swing.  At the time Masterworks were focusing on silver age Marvel works so these 1940s and 1950s works didn’t fit. Captain America The Classic Years was published in 1990: two 7.25×10.25″ hardcover volumes in a slipcase.  Each volume reprinted the main story from five issues of Captain America Comics.  The content came from a...

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Bound Together | Longmeadow Press DC Collections

It was 1989 and DC comics was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Batman.  They had started slowly publishing reprint material in softcover trade paperbacks but hardcover editions were left to Warner Books, Graphitti Designs and with these volumes Longmeadow Press. The Complete Frank Miller Batman collects three stories: Batman Year One, Wanted: Santa Claus Dead Or Alive and The Dark Knight Returns.  The only new material for this volume is an introduction by Richard Bruning, then DC design director.  Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are reprints of their trade paperbacks and not individual issues so they...

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V For Vendetta & Book Of The Month Club

Before I dive into this fascinating and edge-of-your-seat topic a little background information may be in order.  Welcome to the first column of Bound Together: collecting the collected, a look at comic book trade paperbacks and graphic novels in all their shapes and sizes.  I have been a longtime collector of limited and hard to find comic book hardcovers.  I don’t really know why, other than it was a small and mostly affordable area of interest that, as all hobbies go, eventually reached the lofty heights of pricing few mortals can afford.  I started a bunch of years back, twenty or so, by combing comic stores for their dusty and forgotten hardcover books and then moved on to eBay like everyone else. V For Vendetta was a big book for DC in 1988 when it was launched: Watchmen had turned out to be a huge hit and people wanted more from Alan Moore.  V For Vendetta was a black and white work first published in Warrior magazine in the U.K. that was never completed.  DC snapped up the rights, coloured the work and completed it in a ten issue mini series by 1989. Trade paperbacks were a fledgling product from DC at this time but a few titles were trickling out.  V For Vendetta was collected in 1990 as a standard size softcover trade paperback.  In those days Marvel...

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