Review | Escapo

A coloured reprint of early work, Paul Pope’s Escapo is a gripping look into the heart and mind.

Review | Frank Bellamy’s Heros the Spartan

A sumptuous collection of amazing British 1960s strips by Tom Tully and Frank Bellamy, Heros The Spartan is a must for comic art fans.

DC partners with Graphitti Designs for Gallery Editions

IDW has garnered a significant amount of fans and industry awards for its Artist’s Edition line of books that reprint original comic art full size, utilizing colour scans of the original penciled and inked comic art boards. They’re beautiful giant books that allow the masses, or...

Review | Tarzan – In The City Of Gold

An oversized first volume of Burne Hogarth’s epic run, Tarzan – In The City Of Gold is an excellent look at his first three years on the strip.

Review | Hellboy: The First 20 Years

Celebrating Hellboy’s twentieth anniversary, Hellboy: The First 20 Years brings a wide selection of images in a handsome oversized hardcover. Mignola has expanded Hellboy into the most exciting group of books since the early Marvel universe, and his style has influenced art and...

Review | Gasoline Alley: The Complete Sundays Vol 1

A new ongoing collection of Frank King’s Gasoline Alley colour Sundays, collecting the first two years of Walt and Skeezix in an excellent introductory volume.

Review | The Shadow Out Of Time

SelfMadeHero’s third H.P. Lovecraft adaptation by I.N.J. Culbard, The Shadow Out Of Time is another smashing success.

Review | Incal Classic Collection Coffee Table Edition Vol 1-6

January 2013 saw the release of the first volume “published in its original colors and in the deluxe, limited & numbered (here 999 copies only), super-oversized (12 x 16 inches) format”; wow. I was on the fence about the whole thing, since I already have The Incal in Graphitti Designs hardcover and the latest Humanoids collected hardcover. Plus it was $79.99 for 48 pages! But I love limited edition hardcovers, especially oversized, and these were limited to 999 copies each and individually numbered.

Alien: The Illustrated Story, The Original Art Edition

Titan’s take on the original art publishing format, Alien: The Illustrated Story The Original Art Edition is a wonderful look at Walt Simonson’s 1970s art style and craftsmanship.

Best of 2013 Reprints: Gift Guide

The year end is almost upon us and I thought to gather a list of reprints from the last year that I greatly enjoyed. Use it as a Christmas list for discerning comic fans on your shopping list.

Review | Marada The She-Wolf

A complete collection of Claremont and Bolton’s run from Epic Illustrated, Marada The She-Wolf is a gripping sword-and-sorcery tale.

Review | The Best Of EC: Artist’s Edition Vol 1

Another stunning collection of rare and priceless original art from Scott Dunbier and IDW, The Best Of EC: Artist’s Edition Volume 1 is worth it for the cover image alone. Everything else makes it the best EC collection to date.

Review | Lazarus Vol 1: Family

Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark combines family dynasties, with all its intrigue and plot twists, and high tech action adventure to create a rewarding page turner.

Review | Battling Boy

Presenting new full length material from Paul Pope, Battling Boy reminds and reinforces why he’s a great storyteller.

Peter Maresca’s Restoration Process

A brief interview with Peter Maresca at CBR caught my interest about his restoration process in relation to working on Titan’s Flash Gordon series.

Review | Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

A fun and fast paced adventure through 19th century Turkey, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant delivers in print form. Lovable ne’er-do-well Delilah Dirk is an Indiana Jones for the 19th century. She has traveled to Japan, Indonesia, France, and even the New World. Using the skills...

Review | Prince Valiant Vol 7: 1949-1950

Another excellent volume in the march of Hal Foster’s creation, Prince Valiant Volume 7: 1949-1950 shines on Princess Aleta. You might think that birth of Prince Valiant’s son Arn at the end of the previous volume would have slowed down Val’s adventuring, but you would be...

Review | Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Tales Artist’s Edition

Another stunning collection of original art brought full size to the discerning reader, Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Tales Artist’s Edition is the best presentation of this material to date. Xenozoic Tales is the classic story of a post-apocalyptic future where mankind has retreated to...

Review | Clockwerx

Giant steampunk robots terrorizing London: what’s not to like?

Review | Conan Vol 14: The Death

An intimate look at Conan and his relationship with Bêlit, queen of the black coast.

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