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It’s Elektra and rebirth week at Comic Book Daily so I’m going to provide some insight on Elektra Lives Again from Epic Comics and Graphitti Designs.

This was a huge book for 1990: Frank Miller had collaborated with Janson and Mazzuchelli to produce epic runs on Daredevil and Batman, but his solo work with his wife Lynn Varley on Ronin didn’t get the commercial success the rest did.  Now Miller was returning to his creation Elektra doing the writing, penciling and inking with Varley painting.  Elektra Lives Again received a huge amount of press at the time: I remember drooling over preliminary pages.

Epic, Marvel’s first adult imprint, released the hardcover for $24.95; it was a huge success with a giant print run so you can still find sealed copies for cover price.  As well it’s received a fair share of reprints, the entire story included in Marvel’s Elektra Omnibus.

At the same time Graphitti Designs released a signed and numbered limited edition of 2500 copies for $39.95 and $49.95.  I can’t give a definitive price as I own three copies myself: all ISBN 0-936211-27-X printed on the inside flap of the dust jacket and the indicia page but two have $39.95 printed on the inside flap and one has $49.95.  Two of them are A/P or artist proof editions and one is numbered 2168/2500.  One of my A/P copies has the dust jacket signed by Miller and Varley, an eBay purchase in 2002 from the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund for $46.

This is an important hardcover because it’s part of the limited Graphitti Designs line and is exceptionally difficult to find in good condition.  It seems the dust jackets are always of a lackluster condition, much like my signed copy shown above.  I was unable to locate a copy to determine current price range so your mileage will vary.

Elektra Lives Again
Epic/Graphitti Designs, 1990, ISBN 0-936211-27-X

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  1. Charlie
    April 28, 2011

    Wow… another FM Elektra post? It’s not my birthday… is it?

    I think this book was overly anticipated… I remember being disappointed by both the art and story, as well as the odd format. I’ll have to read it again when I get the chance but I remember thinking it lacked the usual Miller flare and tonally felt overly serious.

    I consider Ronin to be one of Millers finest and the art is impressive. He’s never repeated this approach and seems to have landed on his Sin City style… which could be so much better if he invested half the effort that he did on his previous works.

    Epic was a great idea, I assume Marvels response to Heavy Metal… and ahead of the game when it also became a comic line. Vertigo succeeded where Epic failed but really, Marvel should bring it back and get rid if their Icon imprint. As an award winning graphic designer, I’m more then qualified to tell you that the Icon logo is crap and I hate looking at it.

    My pick for an Epic read would be the eight part mini Elektra Assassin with signature art by Bill Sienkiewicz, who was not able to attend the Wizard Con for some unknown reason. And if you like Sienkiewicz, a better read might be DD Love and War that give us a different perspective on the Kingpin. I love the way Miller starts and ends this story.

    Scroll ahead half way to see Sienkiewicz in action. Who else can use white-out the way he does…
    (Hmmm… Now how can I get Scott to sell me one of his signed copies at cover price. First, figure out his weakness…)

    • April 28, 2011

      Thanks for the link Charlie.. I love watching artists draw. too cool.

      ps. Scott loves Meat.

      No vegetables… he dismisses them outright.

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