1. steve
    June 21

    Scott – interesting thoughts on the Watchmen AP Edition up for auction a few weeks back You noted the eBay history of this edition, with the last sale in November 2002. I am aware of two other auctions (in that I participated in both and corresponded with the sellers) – one in November 2003 (sold for $621) and one in April 2004 (sold for $600). Neither auction was hosted by John Koukoutsakis but both listings referenced the book came from an employee at Graphitti Designs (which I always assumed to be John). To your point I do not remember the book being listed since 2004 but I only check periodically.


    • Thanks for the update Steve. Great prices compared to today; that book did sell on eBay for the asking price.

  2. January 23

    Scott – I read your post on the V for Vendetta book club and found it very helpful, and that got me wondering about the Watchmen book club hardcover. What do you think about its place in the Watchmen publication pantheon? Do you have any idea whether it came out before or after the Graphitti edition? – another Scott

  3. Adam Tomlin
    May 7

    Hi scott. I also have a signed artist proof copy of watchmen. I received mine from DC in the early ’90s. I have been told fewer than 20 exist. I have an extensive artist proof collection of books all acquired from the DC offices in the early ’90s. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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