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WECA Checklist

Back Cover for Red Hot Comics 3. Each of these titles contains full colour reprints of American Comics.

I miss doing this column and I wish I had enough hands and time to do justice to it and the other work I am doing. I certainly don’t want to give the impression that the column is dead.

There’s a lot going on in the WECA world with the two newest reprint projects, Rachel Richey’s Johnny Canuck and Hope Nicholson’s Brok Windsor in the very final stages and soon to be on your local comic book store shelves. It’s also time to start thinking of nominations to the Shuster Awards Hall of Fame and my own front runners are Doris Slater/Titus who was the first woman in Canadian comics, and Tedd Steele, the prolific Bell Features artist and creator of Speed Savage. I’d love to hear other suggestions.

Comic Crimes 11 back cover.

What I’d like to do for this column is to offer up a working copy of a WECA comic book checklist I knocked together the other day. The question that it both presupposes and raises at the same time is “What is the definition of a ‘WECA Comic’ or if you prefer to call it that, a ‘Canadian White?’” As you know, I prefer the name “WECA comic” for these books and for me this means any comic that was published in Canada between the cover date of Robin Hood Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 (March, 1941) and the last issue of that same title, Robin Hood and Company Comics Vol. 3 No. 34 (Dec. 1946-Jan. 1947). This forms a continuous streak of Canadian war time comics whose existence was the result of an Act of Canadian Parliament enacted on Dec. 6, 1940. Whatever falls between these two bookends is, to me, a WECA Comic.

Smasher Comics back cover, distributed in UK only and has a reference to The Dreamer Comics which was never published.

This may lead to some controversy because, according to this definition, a book like Super Duper Comics No. 3 (May 1947) which features a handful of the old Bell characters (including Nelvana, Nitro, and The Penguin as The Blue Raven) in full-colour new stories. But to me the almost six-month gap since the last continuous WECA comic prevents this book from coming into the fold.  By May, 1947 we are already into the next era of reprints but, I can also see the argument that because these characters are original WECA characters the Super Duper Comics No. 3 should be considered to be a WECA comic. The same might be said of the 1947 F. E. Howard Dizzy Don Comics which were, in fact, American publications. Please chime in with your own thoughts, definitions, and examples of comics that should definitely be “in” or definitely be “out.”

New Active Comics 30 back cover.

Anyway, here is the working list as Rod Serling would say, “for your consideration.” My initial total comes to

Publisher # of Titles
Anglo-American 309
Bell Features 216
Century Pub. 18
Educational Projects 37
Feature Pub. 3
F. E. Howard 10
Hillborough 7
Maple Leaf 133
Marvel Annuals 2
Rucker 14


Anglo-American           (Total = 309)

Capt. Marvel:  V. 1 N. 1 -12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-12, V. 4 N. 1-12.

Freelance:  V. 1 N. 1-12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-2; Freelance/Robin Hood 27-30; Freelance 31-35

Grand Slam: V. 1 N. 1-12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-12; V. 1-7; G-Slam/3-Aces 44-50; G-Slam 51-56

Robin Hood: V. 1 N. 1 -12; V. 2 N. 1-12; 31-34

Spy Smasher:   V. 1 N. 1 -12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-3; V. 4 N. 1-11

Three Aces:  V. 1 N. 1-12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-12; V. 4 N. 1-3; 51-55

Whiz: V. 1 N. 1-12; V. 2 N. 1-12; V. 3 N. 1-12; V. 4 N. 1-7

Whiz/Spy Smasher:  V. 4 N. 6-11

Fox Reprints (1941)   4

Mighty Midget Reprints (1943) 4

Holiday Comics Gift Book

Red Rover Adventures


Bell Features              (Total =216)

Active Comics: 1-28

Commando Comics: 1-22

Dime Comics: 1-28

Funny Comics: 1-20

Dizzy Don Comics: 21-22

Joke Comics: 1-26

Triumph Comics: 7-31

Wow Comics: 1-30

1945 Compendiums and Slam Bang 7 and British Speed Savage     9

Reprint Books: Active 29-30; Dime 29-30; Joke 27-28; Triumph 32 (27); Unusual 1-2; Red Hot 1-3; Terrific 1-3; Johnny Canuck 1; The Brain 1; Doodlebugs 1; FBI Comics 2, Johnny Canuck 2; Jet Man 10; Comic Crimes 11; Smasher 7; Slam-Bang 8; Unusual Comics 1-2;


Century Publications                        (Total=18)

Blazing Comics

Blue Circle Comics

Bombardier Comics

Circus Comics

Coverless Comics: Conquerors; Dr. Mercy; Golden Lad

Jeep Comics: N. 1-2

Latest Comics

Space Nomads: N. 1-2

Three Ring Comics: 3 variants


Zor The Mighty: N. 1-2


Educational Projects             (Total=37)

Canadian Heroes: V. 1 N. 1-6; V. 2 N. 1-6; V. 3 N. 1-6; V. 4 N. 1-6

Famous Authors, Canada Jack 1-shot, Action Stories of the Mounties, Pict. Story Annual

Jewish War Heroes 1-3


Feature Publications             (Total=3)

Lightning Comics 10-12


F. E. Howard (Total=10)

Archie Comics Special

Bingo Comics

Black Hood Comics

Capt. Commando

Super Comics: N. 1 Citren

Super Comics: V. 2 N. 2-6


Hillborough Studios              (Total=7)

Triumph-Adventure: 1-6



Maple Leaf Pubs.                   (Total=1

Better Comics: V. 1 N.1-10; V. 2 N. 1-10; V. 3 N. 1-7; V. 4 N. 8-9; V. 5 N. 10; V.  6 N. 1-2; V.7 N. 3-6; N. 37, 38

Bing Bang: V. 1 N. 1-10; V. 2 N. 1-10; V. 4 N. 1; V. 5 N. 1-7; V. 3 N. 29-30

Lucky: V. 1 N. 1-10; V. 2 N. 1-10; V. 4 N. 1-3; V. 5 N. 3-10, 32, 33, 34

Rocket: V. 1 N. 1-8; V. 2 N. 1-10; V. 3 N. 1-2; V. 4 N, 3-4; V. 5 N. 5-10; V. 4 N. 1; 30

Your New World


Misc.                                       (Total=2)

Captain America Annual

Marvel Mystery Annual


Rucker Pubs.                          (Total=14)

Lucky Coyne Comics: No. 1

UN Battle Heroes

UN War Heroes

Scooter Comics: N. 1-2

Snuggy Comics: N. 1-2

Weekender:  V. 1 N. 1-4; V. 2 N. 1-3


Terrific Comics 3 back cover.