Happy Star Wars Day! (Art Roundup)

I’m not a Star Wars fan per se, but I can appreciate the fans and the passion they have for it.

To celebrate, Dan Hipp posted this Star Wars/Tintin mash up on his tumblr:

As well as this SW/Sergio Leone number

Meanwhile Adam Watson does a wonderful mash up of George Lucas and Dr Seuss

And this awesome mashup — which recreates Bill Watterson’s art style with absolute perfection — over at 9gag. It manages to be cute, rebellious, and clever all at once. It’s a t-shirt design drawn by professional illustrator Chris Wahl.

…and finally here’s one by Jim Calafiore:

I’ll try to update more as the day goes on!

Feel free to submit any SW art in the comments below!

May the 4th be with you!

Peter DeCourcy

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