April 2017 Sales Numbers

Diamond released their April 2017 sales numbers over the weekend and ICv2 has extrapolated those and determined actual unit sales: Top 300 Comics Actual and Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual. These numbers are for Diamond’s direct sales in North America only and don’t include Diamond UK or the bookstore market. It’s worth reading the additional information under the sales charts.

For the purposes of the AE Index, where we record initial sales month, one Artist Edition style book was published in April 2017 but did not make the sales chart.

# Title Sold
NN Deadman: Kelley Jones Gallery Edition NN

Item 300 on the list sold 376 copies, so that means Deadman: Kelley Jones Gallery Edition was less than that. This book was only distributed through Diamond and directly through Graphitti Design’s website, so these numbers should accurately reflect its first month sales.

Let’s encourage publishers to release their sales numbers.

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  1. Steve V.
    May 12, 2017

    The Comics industry is in a messy mismanaged decline.

    The comic book industry has failed to capitalize on the Disney takeover of Marvel. Disney movies should spike sales! It does so only very temporarily! What a mess! The comics industry has failed badly to take advantage of Star Wars successes and Walmart superhero toys promoting heros. There is a missed opportunity to market to the millenial generation new baby boom.

    Overall comic sales are down 12% from 2016. D.C.is again overtaking Marvel in overall comics sales.

    The biggest seller is a complete dud! Secret Empire #0 was number one in sales selling 175,000 copies. Sounds ok right!? Not at all! The story stinks! It is a travesty and sick situation. Readers are being reassured Captain America is not a terrorist-traitor to his country.

    In Secret Empire #0, Captain America, secretly a true believer in the cause of Hydra, has turned his back on the Super Hero community.

    Using the trust and respect Captain America has gained over the years he has ascended to a position where he can enacts Hydra’s ideals.

    The death of Jack Flag, the trial of Maria Hill, the second Civil War, the alien Chitauri Queen. All of the dominos of Captain America’s plan have been laid out – and it will take only the slightest push to set them into action!

    Now, the Avengers, the Champions, the Defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and more will be tested. As Hydra’s grip tightens around the Marvel Universe, the heroes stand at the precipice of an unprecedented challenge. How will they Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by Captain America?

    Secret Empire #0. Asks that question….but….

    Frankly, i do not give a hoot!

    This plot is as stale as the cheese in my fridge!

    Over at DC they continue to pump out Batman and Flash Lenticular 3D covers. No thanks!

    What the comics industry needs now is a savior super-hero CEO MBA brainy type guy with a nerds understanding of comics, to turn around sales, with a fresh approach and fresh ideas. Its too bad that Stan Lee had no great grand kids who could “right-the-ship” !

    I think hydra has subverted the whole comics industry!

  2. Steve V.
    May 12, 2017

    Captain America should stick to punching nazis with small square mustaches. Nick Fury -the same! Over at DC they had a few super-spies. Marvel – none. I recall Strange Tales #135 when Sgt.Fury got an eyepatch and spy’s brief-case. That was Jim Shooter’s doing. Stan Lee should have put his foot down. In 2017 we need anti-terrorism counter espionage, to make us safe again. Captain America is not James Bond. Nick Fury died with Sterenko!

    Its time to end Hydra, purging it from store shelves forever. Those green and yellow costumes suck!

    Regretably, by definition hydra is tough-to-kill. Cut of seven heads, and eight more grow back! So – how to end hydra for good?

    Only through irratication of evil, can hydra be disolved into limbo. Can we irradicate evil? It has not happened yet. Are super-heros the right vehicle to completely irradicate evil 100%? Tough question!? After all…. Irraticating evil puts superheros out of business.

    Secret Empire #0 should be better thought-through. We do no need another false hope, fooling the reader into thinking this is the real deal, and the inevitable let-down.

    I bet all of the 62 comics in my comic book collection, that Captain America is just pretending to be traitor to infiltrate hydra. He will reveal his true patriotism in the end, but hydra will live on, so continue to strangle comic book sales in the long term, with these lame one-legged plots.

Make It Good.