Author: Chris Owen

Arrrgh! | The Rob Granito Swipe File

So I have been following the stories that have been unravelling around Rob Granito. Don’t know him? Well.. You’re not alone. And that’s part of the problem. (But if you want to get a little caught up, check out...

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Arrrgh! | The Rob Granito Story

Rob Granito is having a rough week. The picture on the right is now being used on Facebook profile pages. Starting last Thursday, Bleeding Cool published a story about a guy named Rob Granito, comic artist. So why the story?...

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New Daredevil Movie in Sight!

Fox has re-opened the Daredevil franchise by acquiring Twilight Saga Eclipse director David Slade. Much like the Fantastic Four, the Marvel Man Without Fear will be re-booted for a new series of movies (hopefully) in the near...

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