Episode 9 with guest Kalman Andrasofsky

In this week’s episode we have guest Kalman Andrasofszky. We talk about Kalman’s work, Captain Canuck, Halloween movies and of course our costumes and Halloween in general (our favourite holiday). Plus we have our newest Kickstarter segment.

Robin Hood

For me those comics that so many people affectionately call the “Canadian Whites” fall into a specific window whose most convenient frame is a single run of comics: Robin Hood Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 (March, 1941) to Robin Hood Comics Vol. 3 No. 34 (Dec. 1946-Jan. 1947). This is what II’vecome to term the WECA era because it was initiated by the War Exchange Conservation Act (WECA) passed Dec. 6, 1940 and came to an end as the provisions of this Act were repealed.

Undervalued Spotlight #216

Nova #4, Marvel Comics, December 1976 For this week’s Undervalued Spotlight I’d like to go with a book that gives us a new villain, has great eye appeal, won’t break the budget and tracking one down won’t be like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve always liked Nova...

Getting to Know Gotham

The tv screen is getting crowded with comic-related tv shows this season. Agents of Shield, Arrow, and the Walking Dead are already well-established shows, and The Flash just debuted this month on the CW network. I’m going to look at another DC-related series that premiered last month on...

Web Arted Oct 24th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly from the collection of James Halperin, founder of Heritage.

Humble Bundle

Comic book fans love giving to charity. I have not seen a single convention in recent years were there wasn’t some component that allowed fans to donate money to a good cause. However, if you add some sweet swag to the deal then people are even more likely give. Not entirely altruistic,...

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Official Teaser Trailer Oct23

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Official Teaser Trailer

Here’s the first trailer from Marvel for next April’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron.   And the movie...

“Toodle-oo, Bub” – Eulogy For a Short Canuck

“Dear Doc Curmudgeon” is a column by Clint McElroy, made up of completely fabricated responses to mostly fabricated questions. But you knew that, due to your discerning nature and brilliant mind which would never fall for a columnist trying to butter you up…unless you’re into that.  ...

Three Firsts

In this post I want to discuss three WECA firsts starting with a curiosity I take to be one of the first “horror type” stories in comics. “Grim Tales” was a brief two-story run in Wow Comics No. 12 (Jan.-Feb. 1943) and No. 13 (March-April 1943) by Don McKague (my dates for Bell books are all extrapolated estimates, since they stopped listing them in the indicia after the first early issues of their titles). For me, these two stories foreshadow the first true horror comics of the late forties and the horror boom that started with E. C. comics in 1950.

BOOM! Studios Offers 50 Kids Comics For $19.99 Oct21

BOOM! Studios Offers 50 Kids Comics For $19.99

Here’s an interesting Halloween offer from KaBOOM!, a kids imprint of BOOM! Studios: 50 all-ages comics for $19.99.

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper…

It’s been just about a month now since the Jack Kirby Estate and Marvel settled out of court in what has been an ongoing battle not only between the heirs of Jack Kirby and Marvel , but the ongoing argument that has gripped comics fandom since around 1970 when Jack left Marvel for DC...

Undervalued Spotlight #215

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, Marvel Comics, 1965 Mike Huddleston’s great post on the Fantastic Four Annuals got me to thinking how much we neglect Annuals. Is it that Annuals reprint stories collectors already have? That’s probably a big part of it. Add that Annuals are out of the main...

RAID Studio profiled on AT&T U-Verse Buzz Oct20

RAID Studio profiled on AT&T U-Verse Buzz

If you’d like to learn a little more about the comic creators of RAID Studio then look no further than AT&T’s U-Verse Buzz, who posted an excellent 30 minute video profile on four of its members. Our own Anthony Falcone is a member and makes a few appearances on the video. Unfortunately the video can’t be embedded so you’ll need to go to their website.

Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art Oct20

Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art

Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art is a beautiful 319 pages of glorious comic covers throughout the years. Although the images are vibrant and stunning, its real strength is in understanding the subtlety and absurdity of what makes a memorable cover. It’s a great read! It’s also a large book, 14 inches in height, so keep that in mind.

Web Arted Oct 17th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly from the collection of James Halperin, founder of Heritage.

Piece Replacement

A few things a collector can look for when trying to detect if any pieces have been replaced.

You Want 2nds? Episode 2 of The Flash “Fastest Man Alive” Oct16

You Want 2nds? Episode 2 of The Flash “Fastest Man Alive̶...

Hi folks, welcome to Archie G’s. I’m your waiter, Raoul. Here at Archie G’s, we don’t think you can make a dependable Pull List decision based on the first serving of a comic. Publishers throw everything they’ve got at a first issue: promotions, gimmick covers, etc. And speculators? Sheesh,...

Pop Porn Podcast Episode 8 with guest Meaghan Carter

Welcome to Pop Porn, a podcast show about pop culture, comics, media and anything nerdy. Hosted by Leigh Hart and Rachel Richey. In this week’s episode we have guest Meaghan Carter. We chit chat about Gotham, American Horror Story, Freak Show, and HammerCon. Plus we have our newest...

Jim Aldridge

On one of my research visits to Gerry Lazare and his wife Setsuko, Gerry said that he had recently received a phone call from someone who had written him a fan letter 40 years ago. Gerry said that the man’s name was Jim Aldridge and that he has had a career in art and design and also that...

An Artist’s Edition Index For All Publishers

Being a fan of the artist’s edition line from IDW and all the other publishers that have followed, releasing books in the same format, I’ve started an index of all current and solicited volumes. Please use it as a reference and let me know what other information you’d like to see listed. I own most of these so it’s been fairly easy to collect the information, but as more publishers join in information will have to be gathered from solicitations and online reviews.

Web Arted Oct 10th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days.

An Urban Expression: Michael Cho’s Shoplifter

Michael Cho is a Canadian cartoonist who has previously published a collection of sketches about Toronto titled Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes. So it seems fitting that he begins Shoplifter by showing the reader a cityscape. There are black, rectangular bars above and below the image,...

“I Like Ike’s Plan. The FF Should Go”