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A look at “undervalued” comics. See our Undervalued Spotlight Index for the complete 476 entries.

Undervalued Spotlight #476

Marvel Holiday Special #1, Marvel Comics, 1991. Merry Christmas. The relationship between Christmas and American comic books goes beyond everything, the day is so entwined in the medium, so celebrated over the history of comics that it’s hardly important noting…

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Undervalued Spotlight #470

Amazing Spider-Man #10, Marvel Comics, March 1964. This week I wanted to find a nice combination of quality and value, I was looking for something stable, on firm ground, but that still had room for appreciation. I’m pretty sure I…

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Undervalued Spotlight #469

Chamber of Darkness #7, Marvel Comics, October 1970. Happy Halloween everybody, this year I’m encouraging you to give out comics, not cavities! There is one comic I’ll recommend you don’t give away on Halloween and that is this week’s Undervalued…

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Undervalued Spotlight #462

Avengers #80, Marvel Comics, September 1970. Avengers #80 features the first appearance of Red Wolf, a Native American hero with mystic powers, and his wolf companion Lobo. William Talltrees, son of Cheyenne tribal leader Thomas Talltrees, was the first Red…

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