52Q | #55: Play It Again And Again Nov18

52Q | #55: Play It Again And Again

Back by popular demand, Comic Book Daily asks the question and the crew (and special guests) give their answers. Tip of the hat goes to Scott VanderPloeg for this week’s question.
Do you buy material you’ve already read or own when it’s released in a new format? Examples would be Absolute editions, printed web comic collections and the like. Why or why not?

Trades & Hardcovers

Freshly returned from Montreal Comiccon 2011 my head is still full of crowds, books and art.  My focus here is the collected edition market at the show: hardcovers, trade paperbacks, graphic novels. First off this was a comic centric show and had a fair number of comic dealers with a healthy...

Jiminy Christmas! | Reading Monitor

Last year I took the plunge and decided to only read collected editions, cutting out monthly comic books.  Overall it’s been a pleasant experience, enjoying entire story arcs and not experiencing hiatus periods of big name books; is All Star Batman still being published? At first it...

Jiminy Christmas! | Size And Format

I just finished Usagi Yojimbo: The Special Edition and visited my local comic shop to see about volumes after that.  The Fantagraphics hardcovers were oversized at 8×11″ and really brought out Stan Sakai’s art.  The Dark Horse volumes are smaller than standard size, more like...

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