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Covered 365: Day 146

Famous Funnies #146, Eastern Color, September 1946 – Artist: Stephen Douglas. Thanks to Bud Plant educating us back in the comments of Day 132 I’m pumped about this great Stephen Douglas cover featuring the Invisible Scarlet O’Niell. Jet black cover…

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Covered 365: Day 89

Famous Funnies #89 – Eastern Color, December 1941 – Artist: Harry G. Peter. This cover by Harry G. Peter just explodes off the page, it was hard to ignore once I’d seen it. I’ve never seem an actual copy of…

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Undervalued Spotlight #127

Famous Funnies #1, Eastern Color, July 1934 I’ve started writing up this Spotlight many times over the past couple years and have always abandoned it for one reason or another. Looking back at my notes I can see why I’ve…

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