Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Bob Morane Resurrection V1: Rare Earth

Bob Morane is back! This thrilling reboot from Lombard reintroduces the heroic soldier and all his classic associates in a new, present-day world. The whip-smart, physically skilled, and drop-dead gorgeous Morane has volunteered for a peacekeeping mission to Nigeria, where his conscience runs him afoul of his commanding officers and puts some very important people in his debt. Eventually, he finds himself organizing the largest humanitarian operation that has ever been undertaken in Africa. But there are many forces at play, some more shadowy than others—and some are extremely nefarious… Europe Comics, August 2017 Written by Aurélien Ducoudray and Luc...

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Review | Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four The World’s Greatest Artist’s Edition

Jack Kirby was the undisputed King of Comics and IDW is proud to present the second Artist’s Edition focusing on his Fantastic Four work. And, even better, this collects his earlier, “twice up” art–Kirby-sized!! This massive collection includes issues 33, 45, 47, and 60 of the Fantastic Four, plus a stellar gallery with many classic covers and incredible pages–if you are a Kirby fan, this is the Artist’s Edition you’ve been waiting for!! This incredible AE features 22 (!!) Kirby Fantastic Four covers, a selection of pin-ups, splash pages and interior pages going all the way back to Fantastic Four #3. Plus,...

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