Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Undervalued Spotlight #0

It seems a common comment appears on our Undervalued Spotlight posts: that comic isn’t undervalued. And after several hundred Undervalued Spotlights, it appears some defining statements are needed. How does Comic Book Daily define undervalued? An undervalued comic is one that, on the date the post was published, was determined to have a value to be below what it should beĀ for the reasons provided, based on the writer’s experience with the comic market. While the Overstreet Price Guide is a good reference and starting point, comic book prices are determined by the market: in store, at conventions, and online....

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Print And Digital: Choice Benefits Everyone

Before getting into any discussion here, this isn’t a print versus digital column. I am an ardent reader and have been for as long as I can remember. As I got older and my budget increased so did my book buying, until I had to get a two bedroom apartment so one could be for books. This home library necessity has moved with me to every home, and I sit writing this on my tiny computer desk in my library surrounded by piles of books. I love print. As I’ve discussed in other columns I filled my home library to the brink and had to make hard choices about what would fit. Out went my paperback fiction collection, then my hardcover fiction collection, then about half my art and reference collection and finally half my cook book collection. As well I culled my trade paperback collection, eliminating anything that I had in a collected format or omnibus. And still more books were published that I wanted to have. So I looked at alternatives and took action. First up was the local libraries, but while they’re order most things in for me I live in a small town that’s surrounded by other small towns. I could get the latest thriller or bestseller but that was about it. This led me to reading my non illustrated works digitally, i.e. anything that...

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