Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Tyler Cross V.2: Angola

Our hero’s luck turns against him. What seemed like a risk-free gig that should have got him some easy cash turns into a fast-track to Hell for Tyler Cross. A hell called “Angola,” the biggest high-security prison in the United States, surrounded by swamps and crushed by the sweltering Louisiana sunshine. And then just to put the cherry on the cake, the Scarfo clan has put a price on his head, and there are a whole load of Sicilians among Tyler’s fellow inmates… If Tyler ever manages to get out of this penitentiary hell, it sure won’t be for...

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What is a sustainable number of sales?

Anyone who glances at my reviews here and elsewhere can see I don’t read mainstream superhero comics: instead I like newspapers strips, translated European works, and art books. Even here on Comic Book Daily I’m swimming against the norm. Every two weeks I go to my local comic shop (it’s 45 minutes away and I can’t justify the drive more than twice a month, as long as I’m working other things into the trip as well) and I pick up my books. Every time I ask the staff how many copies of these books they got into the store...

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The Comics Code in 1974

I ran across this great 1974 article reprinted from Inside Comics titled The Comics Code: 20 Years Of Self-Strangulation? It was the comments from Leonard Darvin, who worked for the Comics Code, that struck me. I’ve added his comments in italics, written in 1974 after twenty years of the comics code, and added my comments below his in relation to the current comics market, forty-three years later. Were it not for the Code, comics might have survived as a small, offbeat type of publication for adults. Only in this last decade are comics in North America being fully embraced as...

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