1. Charlie
    July 12

    Scott pretty much sounds like I thought he would but I always imagined Anthony with a huskier voice… somewhere between a young Clint Eastwood and an Alec Baldwin.

    My thoughts…

    I think it’s actually good to have publishers with various amounts of market share. This way, you’ve got the larger establishments that cater to the masses and the smaller presses that provide more personal, niche types of work. “Indy” can only be “indy” with some one to be “indy” from.

    Uncanny Avengers
    The issue here is one of culture. The Avengers was/is a more “corporate” team where the X-Men were outcasts (ala Superman and Batman). Sure they share the same universe but they represent very different personalities of the Marvel family which allows for different types of stories. It’s unfortunate that all the characters share the same values now. All this equals **boring**.

    Before Watchmen
    The issue here is not weather this is a good idea… Like any run of books, good and bad results are expected. The issue is: Is it a good idea to screw Alan Mooreeven more. He already got a “bum” deal from DC with the original contract, and now they are collecting even more honey from what he had started. The fact that Alan Moore reused existing characters is moot as well since the cast could have been any body. The hero of Watchmen has always been the message… ie; the story itself.

    Before having sex, you help each other undress. After sex you get dressed individually. The message from the community to Alan Moore is… once you’ve been screwed, you’re on your own.

    Congrats Chris. Although I joke, I think marriage is a great thing. It’s hard work but a very rewarding experience.

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