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DC Now!

I remember when DC’s the New 52 were first announced there was a lot of skepticism on this site. That soon changed once people realized how significant the event was, as well, DC appeared to be very committed to this new direction. Our Undervalued Spotlight host, Walter himself was speculating if these new books would become the new “keys” of this current generation. Well, it's been over two years so I thought I'd check to see how the initial wave of these books are doing in the back issue market.
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Marvel Now, Continuity, and What If?

However, the more I think about Marvel Now the more I feel that success (or lack thereof) is mostly owed to these unique interpretations. When I talk with fans at conventions or comic book shops they either love or hate what is going on in Marvel Now. And I think that is primarily due to the fact that the concepts behind Marvel Now are all or nothing; you either love them or or hate them because they are What If? stories.
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All New! Same Old!

We have been living in the age of Marvel Now! for almost two years now. On the whole, Marvel Now! has been pretty successful. There have been some great books come out under the Marvel Now! banner. Most notably those have been Thor: God of Thunder, Indestructible Hulk, and Iron Man. These titles have changed the status-quo for the characters, and have been very entertaining comic books.
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Hawkeye #1

The first issue of Matt Fraction's ​Hawkeye ​series is one of a number of titles debuting prior to the "Marvel Now!" initiative. The series finds Fraction and David Aja, the team behind The ​Immortal Iron Fist​, reuniting to bring readers deeper into a more personalized view of Marvel's alpha-archer, Clint Barton.
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Marvel Now!

So Marvel has just announced their big new initiative called Marvel Now! Marvel Now! will launch new titles and re-launch old ones from October 2012 through February 2013. Some of Marvel’s big name talent are being moved around for the…

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