Anthony Falcone

Anthony Falcone

Anthony Falcone is a freelance writer living in Toronto and he is the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla. You should definitely follow him on Twitter.

In Conclusion

Comic book retail in the 1990s was very different. Due to a vast distribution system there was a relatively low start up cost, and it seemed that anyone and everyone was opening up a shop with little more than a…

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Ideally, every comic book story should be able to stand on its own merits and not be read with previous knowledge of a shared universe. Ideally. But, of course, that isn’t always the case. There are certain tales that are…

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Best of Enemies

In the glory days of 1990s comic book collecting we were often drawn to shiny things. Like easily distracted birds we flocked to whichever anniversary issue had the best foil/glowing/die-cut/super-special cover on the promise that by purchasing such a collector’s…

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Spider-Man has always had one of comic’s best rogues’ galleries. Filled with the iconic and the absurd, the villains range from the unforgettable to the laughable. It is always a treat to be collecting a book at the time when…

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Heroes Don’t Cry

Superhero comics should have lots of action. Fights! Explosions! Team-ups! Colourful costumes! Megalomaniacal villains! These are what make the genre the cultural and entertainment powerhouse that it is today. But you can have too much of a good thing, and…

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Gang War

  Despite the fact that Spider-Man has fought supervillains, megalomaniacal despots, and galactic level threats, I have always thought of Spider-Man as more of a street level hero. Maybe it is the origin of the character so connected in the…

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The Goblin War!

For some readers today, it might be hard to imagine that once upon a time Todd McFarlane was the top artist in the industry and not just a toy company mogul or occasional cover artist. But he was huge. Highly…

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Christmas Gift Guide

It is that time of year again! The gingerbread lattes are out, the stores are playing Christmas Carols, and your local comic book shop has a myriad of gift ideas for the comic book fan on your list. 2014 has been a very solid year for comic books, so here, in no particular order, are some suggestions from yours truly.
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