This year my wife was able to join me on Sunday for Fan Expo.  She enjoys taking pictures and I thought it would be great if she just walked around the show, taking some pictures of the crowd and what was happening.  Here are some of the pictures she took.  A picture is worth a thousand words… so I’ll just let the pictures to the talking.

Joker and Star Sapphire

You can call her cute… but she’d probably gore you with her sword.

The Man himself… Stan Lee

Christopher Lloyd

That is me standing in to the right of the picture. I didn’t know she was taking that picture.

This was one of my favourite costumes of the day. Len Grossman (Tom Cruise’s character) from Tropic Thunder

Out of all the new Marvel #1’s, this is my favourite cover. Geoff Darrow’s art is amazing on this cover.

This cover reminds of the scene from the Avengers movie, when Nick Fury throws the blood soaked cards of Phil Coulson’s on the table.

Mega Blocks World of Warcraft

Nick Lowe (X-Men Editor) at the Marvel booth during the give-away.

This was a cool moment. “Slash” and a Mummy met up and broke into a jam of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World”.

Star Sapphire spotted in the crowd.

A beautiful Steam Punk costume that was in artists alley.

Wonder Woman posing for the crowd.

(photos by Angela Campbell – Comic Book Daily photographer)