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Big B Comics Niagara Grand Opening

My fellow Simcoe County Avenger, Dee, and I were invited to the store for the Grand Opening. We were happy to attend, especially when it's a chance to get out and have fun in Cosplay. Dee went as Valkyrie which was modified to be Thor (perhaps a possibility of what will happen in the comics) and I went as Thor and Captain America. It was fun with us both being "Thor" at the same time. It did piqué the interest of some people who stopped to see us, and we took the opportunity talking to people about the change with Thor.
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I am Starlord!

Every time there is a new release of a comic book movie, I help out Big B Comics in Barrie at our local theatre with a table. We have a display set up helping promote the store, and we give away comics and prizes before each screening. The last couple times Dee (Stephanie) and I dress up in cosplay and have fun with the crowds. Seven days before the movie's release we decided we would try to come up with a Guardian's themed costume. Time would be tight, but we scrambled to find the materials it would take to put it all together.
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FCBD @ Big B (and some cosplay too)

I spent Free Comic Book Day 2014 helping out Big B Comics in Barrie. The night before FCBD we were set up at the theatre in Barrie for Amazing Spider-Man 2. We had a table set up displaying all the comics that were available for pick-up the next day. Plus I was able to talk to the audience at each of the screens showing ASM2, to talk to them about FCBD. What it's about, and where they can join in on the action.
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GTA Comic Con 2014

April 19th/2014 was the inaugural GTA Comic Con at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. The show was organized and presented by RPG Events, who also organizes the Canadian ToyCon and Burlington Toy Show. This was their first foray into being a straight comic book convention, with of course, attractions for all fans of comics, toys, collectibles and general "nerdery".
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Professional Cosplay

Last week I wrote about spending the day at the latest edition of the Canadian ToyCon. I had a fascinating conversation with Roxy Lee and Gillian from www.geekxgirls.com. These ladies take the hobby of Cosplay to the next level. They are professional Cosplayers.
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Halloween… everyone can Cosplay

Halloween is that time of year where everyone can Cosplay. If you are nervous on showing up in costume at Fan Expo in front of 80,000 people, try Halloween first. If you show up at a Halloween party, be it a bar or house party, and there are other people dressed up in costume, nobody will even notice you or judge you (if that is something you are worried about). It is the first step in becoming a Cosplayer.
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