Charlie Kim

Charlie Kim

Charlie Kim is a designer who is currently transitioning into teaching. While working for various companies, he helped develop many international brands such as the Hong Kong Airport identity, Lenovo’s sponsorship program for the Beijing Olympics and Lavasa, a new city being developed in India. Locally, he's also worked on the 1998 campaign for the Canadian Opera Company, the Canadian Innovations stamp for Canada Post and the terrible Grand & Toy re-brand (hey, they can't all be winners). Charlie’s love affair with art and design all began with comics.

Looking Forward

From terror attacks, the US election, floods, protests, Brexit and the many, many celebrity deaths… 2016 has been widely panned as the worst year in recent history. Some of the factors are par for the course, so unfortunately, much of…

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Beast Mode: Jung Gi Kim

Not too long ago, Marvel released a set of connecting variant covers for their Civil War II mini series. These caught my attention because: 1. The Art: Clearly Asian, somewhere between traditional brush painting and manga. 2. The Design: Minimal,…

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Antique Markets

While cities across Canada are hosts to a large number of comics, toys and other collectibles/merchandise shows, in-between, scattered throughout the rural landscape, are antiques markets or smaller antique stores. Often situated on the outskirts of small towns, retrofitted barns…

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YouTube for All

About 10 years ago, I made the decision to cut our cable and phone service in favour of hi-speed internet. But I also worried that my family would be left out of the cultural loop, and indeed, it was difficult…

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75 Years and Counting

Speaking of milestones, both DC and Marvel Comics celebrated their 75th Anniversary during the past several years. DC Comics was officially founded in 1934 and Marvel Comics back in 1939. Despite all the promotions and industry events, anecdotally speaking, the…

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Boxing Day 2016

An inherent part of collecting is being able to show-off your books, but having been blessed with astute sensitivity, I’m far above this crass behaviour. I kid, of course. I’m rarely above anything and this is Boxing Week 2016! As…

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Recent Reads, Part 2

I’m back with part two of my list of recommendations. Similar to part one, you’ll find some dark themes, mind benders, thrillers and more sensitive, introspective stories to enjoy. These are books that I feel deserve recognition for being stellar…

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Market Watch

Back in early February, I noted that sales during the past holiday were slow and that the back issue market appeared to be trending down. I wondered if comics had peaked, which did not sit well with the faithful. My…

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The Sweet Spot

When it comes to investment comics, here’s what we know: The growth trajectory isn’t a simple ramp but rather an exponential curve and higher grades can offer higher yields.   Serious hardcore comic investors like to dabble in high grade…

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