Dirty Laundry! (watch until the end)

Watch the following YouTube video with Tom Jane and Ron Pearlman.


Okay did you watch it? Good.

First off, this is not an official Marvel production (despite the rights reverting pack to Marvel last year) this is just a fan film made by some reputable people.

But it makes you wonder what could have been, doesn’t it?

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One Comment

  1. July 17, 2012


    I love that.

    Tom Jane did an awesome job with his Punisher movie. It is by far one of my absolute favourite comic book movies.

    I was disappointed when he wasn’t in Punisher Warzone (Ray Stevenson did a good job too).

    I hope the movie producers out there see this and realize that Tom Jane is badass and deserves to be in any Punisher reboot.

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