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Collecting the collected. This column has moved to eBabble.

Review | 7 Psychopaths

Boom! Studios has just released 7 Psychopaths trade paperback; this series completely slipped under the radar and I only spotted it because of Sean Phillips doing the art.  Originally published by Delcourt in French three years ago in that large…

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Review | Fables: Covers By James Jean

The title says it all.  Fables: Covers By James Jean is a 9×12″ hardcover collection of James Jean’s covers of seventy-four monthly issues, ten trade paperbacks, one on-shot and one graphic novel.  If you enjoy Jean’s work then pick up…

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Fan Expo 2010 Day Two: Art who?

Saturday at Fan Expo was crazier than usual: the crowds were so intense all afternoon there was a long line waiting to get in. If only the deals were that crazy… I dedicated the day to getting various hardcovers signed.…

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