Fan Expo 2010 is done for me. None of my Sunday goals were reached and the show remained packed; no last day slow down. It’s solid for the retailers but as a buyer I like bargain hunting at the end with dealers who don’t want to haul merchandise home.

I wasn’t able to track Tim Bradstreet down so no sketch from him. Ethan Van Sciver still had a long list of sketches to go before mine so that was a washout as well. Chatted with Michael Cho who sold all his show art save for one piece.

No surprise books or collected editions appeared today; that Rocketeer Artist Edition went unsold which really surprises me since it was the only one at the show. Since I was in Toronto I took a walk over to Silver Snail on Queen Street and picked up a Fireside Incredible Hulk; the dust jacket had some wear along it’s edges but it was a steal at $50.

Overall I would say Fan Expo 2010 was a great success for art collectors who could afford the prices. Book and hardcover collectors need not apply: current and discount material ruled the roost.