James Stokoe's Galactus Warm Up Blows my Mind!

I’ve been sleeping on Orc Stain ..mostly because I’m looking forward to getting a collected edition (yes, I’m killing the industry) but that doesn’t mean I’m not supportive of the creator in other ways. For example: I follow Orc Stain’s writer/artist James Stokoe on twitter, and today, well, he blew my mind. Check out his Galactus below:

click to embiggenate

“If you do warmup inks every day, you will eventually draw 4 square feet of GALACTUS!” he tweeted and then proceeded to make me wish I was proactive so I could make a cool petition to get him as writer/artist of Fantastic Four. (no offense to Mr. Jonathan Hickman, he’s doing a bang up job – but I think it’s time for writer/artists to return to Marvel’s big titles)

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