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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
5 months ago

Wow, great show! You know that I have been selling off my collection and I can say things for me are now running a bit flat. Still selling but it’s low grade runs and lots I am selling at low prices that are leaving. I am still a collector however. You both mirror me… collecting Archie covers I like and even a few Romance. Still after painted cover Ziff-Davis GI Joe, and war years Big Shot Comics. Hard to get in better condition but not bank busters and for the last two far less competition. So while I have sold thousands of comics I have bought another 40 comics or so. I will have gone from 34 boxes down to 4 I am taking with me and still plan to display.
Dazzler ran 50 issues??

5 months ago

I did review my 2023 goals and how I collect – no changes need to be made…Owens what are you doing with cards my brother? that’s like the crack cocaine of the collecting world – no good can come of it…I did like Tom King’s Human Target run though

2024 Goals:
Green Lantern 76 & 87 (the #76 is bought, just need to get it down here), keep upgrading the whole Adams run

ASM #50-100: but another 10 issues, in VF or higher – this is always a difficult goal – you can’t hunt these books, they need to just appear I’ve decided

Daredevil #20-#100: acquire another 20 high grade issues – yes, the Gene Colan era is definitely good bang for buck.

Ed Brubaker – there has to be another reckless book soon!

Upgrade my Hulk #180 to a VF or higher: this is about the only ‘high’ price book on my list this year, and even then, well, I’ll sell my 6ish grade copy when I get a better one

But honestly, and I’d like other people’s opinions on this, I never need to hunt the books too much, they come to me, if you’re perusing stores/sites/IG there’s no point getting obsessed – the book will eventually turn up (when you’re reading DC/Marvel that is!) so I’m never really putting too much effort into the list – it’s just a nice guidance to keep my priorities in check. Also, money, always have the cash ready so when an opportunity arises you can go…that’s my approach.

May everyone have a fantastic year and here’s to some great reading ahead!

Tim C Rack
Tim C Rack
5 months ago

Certainly a great show to start off the new year! Question – if all the Boomers and under are downsizing as they age out are we going to flood the market and send prices on a downward spiral? Are collectors slabbing less and buying less slabs because they prices are dropping?
I am going to flush all my books that I paid $10.00 or less to reduce my inventory. Most I can read electronically anyways. In fact I will rarely buy a book now if it is available from my library or other source electronically.
I will try to upgrade my keys and concentrate on a tight collection that spans the 80 years of the hobby. One Matt Baker or Johnny Craig or Gene Colan or Mike Ploog or Miller Daredevil or McFarlane Spawn or Darwyn Cooke Catwoman will be more than enough. If they are signed, but not slabbed, so much the better.
For the current scene I am buying King’s Wonder Woman because it seems controversial enough for me as it addresses some of the woke politics of the industry. I will continue to read more than I buy. Happy New Year Walt and Chris.

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