Wolves is the latest mini-comic from Becky Cloonan.  It follows a man on a hunt for a werewolf.  The story is told in 20 pages of black and white art.

I like Wolves a lot.  The story is told in a very economic fashion.  You do not know the country the story is set in or the names of the characters.  You do not need to know.  All those details are unnecessary frills and would probably hinder the momentum of the story.

The narrative is sneaky in a very good way.  Becky warned me when I bought it that all was not what it seems.  It is true and I still did not see it coming.  You have to read it twice to appreciate how she crafted the story.

The art is excellent.  The majority of the art is dark, detailed and dense.  The brief happy moments are illustrated with lots of light and enhanced with extra thick gutters.

The last page of the mini-comic gives a brief history of Wolves.  Becky originally wrote and drew Wolves in 2009 for a Japanese anthology called Journeys.  This version of Wolves has a new script and a few new panels.  I asked Becky to elaborate on this some more.  The original script was in English and a friend translated it into Japanese.  Unfortunately, she lost the script when her hard drive crashed.  For this mini-comic, she decided to write a new script and redraw a few panels that she was not happy with.  On the copyright page, you will find art from the 2009 story that is not used for the mini-comic.

The first print run of Wolves is 1000 copies and is currently sold at conventions.  Becky signs and numbers each copy.  I picked up my copy at TCAF for $5.  Apparently, the second print run will be 2000 copies.

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Stanley Jon
Stanley Jon

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