Special to CBD from Kyrell Grant

TCAF, or The Toronto Comic Art Festival to the uninitiated, is one of the most interesting comic festivals in the world. Managing to bring together all different types of comic creators to celebrate sequential art. Kyrell chose four people at random and just chatted. Here’s what she learned:

Name: Keenan – student

Age: 19

Hometown: Hamilton, ON

How many times have you been attended TCAF: This has been my fourth time.

What were you most excited about? The Dr. McNinja table.

And what have you purchased? Operation Dracula from outer space, and some sweet ass prints

How could TCAF be more awesome? Maybe Bryan Lee O’Malley could actually show up. He’s sort of what this festival represents.

Spike – cartoonist of  Templar, Arizona

Age: 32

Hometown: Chicago, IL

How many times have you attended TCAF?: This is my second time.

Why did you decide to attend TCAF? Because it’s a great con. for indie. and alternative comics.

What were you most excited about? Hanging out with and meeting fellow cartoonists.

Zan – of Prism Comics

Age: 38
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Why did you decide to come to TCAF? I was invited by Chris Butcher, and Prism Comics has never been to TCAF before.
What do you think of it being a former TCAF virgin? It’s free so that way people can just walk right in and be exposed to the medium. I also like the idea of it being in a library; it elevates the medium in a way.

Names: Inés, Lala, Zach – artists

Ages: 20, 25, 23
Hometowns: Mexico City, New York City, NY
Why did the three of you decide to come to TCAF? We were invited by friends .
Have any of you ever attended TCAF? No, this our first time.
What are your thoughts? We really like the layout.

You can find more about the interviewer on her tumblr.