I’ve noticed more and more good books becoming available to me locally but they are all being offered at current market or above, not many deals to be had. I’m sensing a lot of people are taking stock of their collections and are opting to cash out, at least to an extent. Perhaps these folks are becoming uneasy at the rate of appreciation their collectibles are experiencing and are hedging a fraction of them ahead of a possible correction. Still, my options at what to buy locally have never been better but the prices at which they are available have never been higher.

Mining continues at the warehouse and this week we dig out a little nugget stack of Batman Beyond #1, the Free Promotional version. The Promo may not be as big as the newsstand edition but the book carries good value and we’ll chalk this little stack up in the win column.

Most of this week was taken up by clean-up and card sorting, we bought what can only be described as a full skid (pallet) of hockey cards and man are they labour-intensive. Come to think of it the whole warehouse endeavour so far has been very labour-intensive and it highlighted just how specialized mining for comics values (and card values) is.

I can’t go out and hire some young hardworking individual because without a deep and strong knowledge of the comic hobby and of the current market you’re paralyzed into thinking every single book you pick up might be worth money, or even worse, you’re throwing Del Otto variants into the $2 bins! it would take years looking up every single book for market relevance and value.

The people for the job can only be lifetime immersion comic aficionados if you want any efficiencies. We do have enough of those at Big B but alas there is a retail business and an online business to run. So far Jon and I have been carrying the load and even among the two of us, we specialize by dividing the bins with the post-2000 books to Jon, who has a strong knowledge of the era, while the old man gets the pre-2000 stuff to sift through.

Anybody need a copy of Wonder Woman #293? As I mentioned before I’m going to have to come up with a way to effectively get likes like these Wonder Woman #293 to market at fair prices and at minimal time costs. I’ve been thinking of using one stock image for the whole pile and selling them online for cheap. I’d group the grades at say ranging from 8.5 to 9.2 thus only having to do one entry for the 100 plus copies. I think My Comic Shop does something like this, I’ll have to look into it a bit more.