Happy Solstice everyone.

It’s nice to report that the Big B Comic shops are now open, albeit at 15% capacity, but capacity is only an issue at a few peak times during the week and people have been more than understanding and patient. We enjoyed some very strong pent-up demand this first week of being open and we expect the summer to be a good one for us as a local retailer. I just hope things stay open.

We’ve really ramped up the online business over these past 16 months of intermittent lockdowns and our success online is now causing a human resource crunch. We’re grading tons, we’re listing tons be it raw on bigbcomics.com, slabs on I.C.E. or all of the above on eBay, we’re also shipping tons and now the stores are open. Gah. We are hiring three new people at the Hamilton shop to help with the load. They can’t start soon enough.

We’re trying hard to figure out how to go ahead with our Comic For Grades program. Our Comics For Grades program happens twice a year, with mid-term report cards in February and year-end report cards at the end of June. Kids are encouraged to bring in their report cards and are given a free comic for every A they earn and a free comic for any improvement in grade from mid-term. We give out 7,000-8,000 free comics a year through the program. We’ve even convinced a few other comic shops in Ontario to do the same; see the link.

Capacity and crowds will be an issue so I was thinking of renting one of those huge 10 Metre tents and take 40 or 50 long boxes of comics outside. We’d space the boxes out and we’d have people out there making sure the tent never gets too crowded. I’m hoping to pull this off the weekend of July 2nd as that is the date of the tentative reopening further into phase 2 with its increased capacities.

I.C.E.’s (International Collectibles Exchange) first annual Canadiana auction is live. Please click here and scroll down to the items ending Monday, June 28. There are some very unique items listed and the auction is off to a great start.

Our regular weekly eBay auction that ended last night had some strong finishes, the one that I really liked was Timely’s Marvel Mystery Comics #61 at a CGC 2.0. Those Alex Schomburg covers are always so epic and the winning bidder who snagged that copy for $495 definitely gets the advantage.