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I thought I’d chime in this week with a series of contemplations and hypothesis about some recent comic book news and such.

Javier Pulido is one of my favourite artists. Straight up. I think his panel layout and his ability to convey emotion through a simple line is one of the most amazing things about comics as an art form. His two issue run on Brubaker’s Catwoman was one of the most quietly brilliant things – being able to have a scene that is both sexy and heartbreaking at the same time. Pulido needs to be back on an ongoing title – I really don’t care which – he’ll excel wherever he is placed. I just want more.

However I just have one thing to say Mr. Pulido,

I hope she just hasn’t pulled her pants on all the way, because whale tales haven’t been attractive since ’00.

Oh, and one more thing: as a dude who wears/wore skinny jeans (it was a phase!) I don’t know how Spidey rocks boxers underneath tights without them bunching up. But I guess this is just me being really strange.


one of my fav. moments from the Authority.

Bleeding Cool says that “Next month at the Oxfam Comics Event 2010 being held at the McDonald Road Library in Edinburgh, Frank Quitely, Ferg Handley and David Bishop will be discussing the creation of comics. £2 on the door, runs from noon to 4pm.” Anyone from Edinburgh want to cover it for us? Will pay (with hugs) for a Frank Quitely picture!


Secret Avengers is the best of the new Avenger relaunch. It’s exactly how the Avengers should be written – even if it’s a little too much of a black ops vibe to really be the Avengers it’s still pretty damned epic in scope.

Bendis has spent the last seven years with the Avengers and mostly having them sit around a kitchen table and talk. It feels like there needs to be something epic and while that looks like what he’s going for with the first arc of Avengers, it still feels a bit hollow.


Black Widow? I will read this book for a very long time. I hope it keeps up the quality when Swierczy and Garcia take over with issue #6.

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