Blackest Night #6 leaks…ok so what?

Ok, I’m sure that the more technology inclined of you out there have found out that Blackest Night #6 has been released a week ahead  of schedule. When the issue was initialy solicited, retailers were asked to sign an agreement that prevented them from selling the issue until December 30th. This was done because Diamond Comics would not be shipping comics to any stores the week of the 30th because traditionally, half  of the comic book stores in North America would not get any comics shipped to them depending on which coast they are on. So this year, Diamond in it’s infinite wisdom decided that if half of the continent can”t get any comics, no one can get any. So to make sure that comic retailers wouldn’t be without anything to sell on the Wednesday the week after Christmas, DC decided to release Blackest Night #6 on the 30th. Of course, like any “special release” there are bound to be retailers that jump the gun and decide to sell their books; embargo or not. Like the whole debacle around All-Star Batman and Robin, retailers just want to move their books.  When retailers signed their online affidavit agreeing not to sell the book early, one of the penalties for selling the issue early was that retailers who get Tuesday shipping would lose it as well as other penalties. News of the release has spread all over from the official DC forums to Geoff John’s own forums.  Despite all of the talk about this online about the coming being leaked…who cares if it’s out early? I sincerely doubt that it will have any appreciable effect on the sales on the title and spoilers have always be part of the comic game and this most certainly should not affect your enoyment of a great comic event. 

Side note: I’ve read it already and it was awesome!

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