Frank Quitely's Cover to Absolute All-Star Superman (and Intro From Chip Kidd)

Many things make me happy, but none more so than a new drawing by Frank Quitely:

Click to embiggenate and drool at the simplicity… How does he do it? it’s so simple, yet absolutely iconic and evocative of the entire series. DC’s Source Blog also posted designer extraordinaire Chip Kidd’s intro to the book – Here’s just a snippet, but do yourself a favour and read the whole thing, if it doesn’t make you want to read the entire series than something inside of you is dead.

“A journey into the heart of the Sun. A devastating diagnosis. A kiss on the Moon. Twelve mythic labors. The ultimate sacrifice.


What if The Man of Steel were dying? Really, truly dying—and not in the rock’em-sock’em Doomsday fight-to-the-death manner—but slowly and privately, as you or I might, from what amounts to a fatal cancer. What does the most powerful being on the planet do with the precious little time he has left?

This is the question that master comics writer Grant Morrison, illustrator Frank Quitely and digital artist Jamie Grant explore in this book. And the unforgettable answer is glorious four-color proof that with enough talent, skill and ingenuity even one of the most familiar and endlessly chronicled folk heroes of the last seven decades can be reinvented to make readers fall in love with him and his world all over again.

And yet “reinvent” really isn’t the right term. Yes, all of the familiar tropes (along with the obscure, delightfully geeky ones) are here: The Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Bizarro, Ma and Pa Kent, the Fortress of Solitude, Krypto the Superdog, and of course, the fiendish Lex Luthor.”

Check out the source blog for more.

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