Sneak Peek: Grant Morrison's Joe The Barbarian

Vertigo’s blog just announced that Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s Joe the Barbarian mini-series is now going from three issues to eight issues. This is pretty good news, especially once you guys get a look at the preview pages we have. Sean Murphy is responsible for some of the most interesting art to come out for a minute. He’s a real talent to watch. I’d high;y recommend checking out his website, as it’s pretty much packed with good stuff. Specially if you can track down the issues of Hellblazer he did with Jason Aaron you’re looking for some of the better Constantine stories of the past few years.

…aaaand rant Over.

Joe the Barbarian was described by Morrison as being “Home Alone meets Lord of the Rings.” In which a kid left alone goes into some sort of dream state wherein his toys come to life.

Morrison’s always has great creator owned series – specifically Sea Guy, Vinarama and We3… but the fact that they’re often only 3 issues makes them feel far too short. They’re always packed with crazy Morrison goodness (this means throwaway lines that would normally be a high concept plot for any other writer) so you don’t feel cheated.. but when you get to the last page you always want more.

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