The full Green Lantern trailer: What do you think?

So by now, I’m sure you guys have seen the Green Lantern trailer that will be played in front of Harry Potter and if not, here it is again.

Now, let’s talk shop. There’s tons of cool stuff that shows up in this trailer. We witness the fatal crash of Abin Sur who I have to say doesn’t look that great to me. Maybe he works a lot better as a drawn character than a live action one, but to me, he looks kind of menacing and more of a bad guy than anything.  And as Hal arrives on Oa, we catch a quick glimpse of Sinestro in his Green Lantern uniform rising up in a snobbish fashion. He looks pretty good, maybe it’s the fact that he’s got hair on him. Tomar-Re is also shown giving Hal a look at Oa and he’s got a pretty unique design to him as well that’s not really seen in the comic books. His anatomy is more alien beyond a fishfin head, he’s kind of got a Rob Liefeld chest going on there.

Hector Hammond looks very faithful to the comics as well. They’ve really captured the look before and after he gets the brain enhancement. I mean really, when you see that enlarged cranium, that just screams creepy villain. I’m still not super convinced that he is the right villain for Hal to face though. Hector’s powers are mainly about mindcontrol and while it provides a nice foil to the Green Lantern’s emphasis on willpower, I am thinking it lacks the visual impact needed for the inevitable showdown. For a good example, look at the quick shot of when Hal swoops down to attack Hector, it looks like he jumped off a playground swing to boot him in the ass. 

You know what the odd part is? Despite all of this cool stuff we see in the trailer, I feel that there’s something missing to really sell me on the movie. Am I crazy? Let me know by leaving some comments and your thoughts on the trailer.

David Diep
David Diep

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