This Summer's Biggest Crossover!

I think my life is charmed a bit. It seems whenever I start to read a book news of that creator suddenly appears. Just last night I was devouring Craig Thompson’s Carnet de Voyage, when I decide to check out his blog and I discover that he’s working with one of my favourite artist in comics Fabio Moon

It seems tht these two extraordinary artists have combined their talents in a “Blog War,” a collaborative document of Moon’s visit to Thompson’s home turf of Portland, Oregon currently told in words and pictures and spread across the pair’s respective blogs: part one, part two, part three part four, part five. From photos of Craig with his shirt off to drawings of Fábio in a speedo to a wine-bar meet-up including Thompson, Moon, Dark Horse’s Sierra Hahn, Laura and Mike Allred, and Joe Sacco, it is indeed “the crossover event of the summer.”

Maybe you should check it out…

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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