Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday, January 8th 2010

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Marvel The Power of Love! Four of comics’ most loving writers offer up advice for affairs of the heart!

Jonathan Hickman I’ve got to rethink this school my kid is going to. My son, who used to have almost no accent, just pronounced ‘HAIR’ with 5 syllables.

Tim Seeley Today’s accomplishment: Won a boob naming content for @nachosarah. My entry: “Devastator X and Lady Pinksummit”.

Jim Lee At first artist’s lunch of the new year trading puppy stories.

Neil Gaiman A husband talks in his sleep. His wife writes it down. Internet goldmine.

Topless Robot GREAT CEASES GHOST! It’s Topless Robot’s two-year anniversary today! I truly thank all of you for reading and putting up with my nonsense.

Neil Gaiman Have just sign’d a BOOK for the LADY GAGA. Alas, that even the ARISTOCRACY in these fallen times can be reduc’d to the role of ENTERTAINERS.

B Clay Moore Sorry to hear DC’s Red Circle line is struggling. I actually badgered Dan on that one once. Hope it bounces back.

Kate Beaton – sketch time, sketchy pages.

Hope Larson Idiotic article on the Asheville comics “scene”:

Matt Fraction hey you guys stop repeatedly signing @ivanbrandon up for the NAMBLAST! Email Blast please he hates it real bad

Ivan Brandon dear everyone: it is not ok just to randomly sign people up for your fucking mailing list.

Karl Kerschl The Wednesday Comics Hardcover! Take a look!

Chip Zdarsky My underwear is totally streaked with backmatter

Steph Buscema My energy is drained. The past week of work/driving/stressing/errands has finally caught up with me today. My brain hurts. Need ice cream.

CB Cebulski The Marvel editors will read it & if they’re impressed by what they see, they’ll contact you to pitch them. That’s how it works these days.

Chip Zdarsky @CBCebulski When I send you stuff how do I spell your name? Does Marvel pay for postage for me to send you my portfolio (it’s really heavy)? I’ve got a great idea for a Superman story but I could probably change it to a Spider-Man story should I send it?

Mike Kupperman Some Archie recently. (from @Squidyuk)

Brian Reed Superman 4 deleted scenes. I’m going to have that Bizarro tune stuck in my head all day.

Eric Trautmann Oh, rad. Preview of @DarickR‘s Conan story, which I can’t WAIT to read: That’s right. I said “rad.” And I’m okay with it.

Brian Wood 1 cover from Massimo, 11 pages from Leo Fernandez, 11 from Ryan Kelly, 22 pages from Riccardo, a bunch from Becky. nice way to end the week

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