Today(ish) in Twitter – Monday, November 2nd.

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Just to let you know the guys over at iFanboy have put together the ULTIMATE TWITTER LIST! Definitely recommend checking it out.

Gene Ha Hey, it’s Steve Ditko’s 82nd birthday! A visionary cranky atheist objectivist basterd. Glad you were born.

Comicbookdaily Happy Birthday Steve Ditko… you’re like the JD Salinger of comic books.. ‘cept you never made anyone drink your urine. #fact

Dan Slott Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko! Thanks for bringing some of my all-time favorite characters to life!

Todd Fasen You guys are never going to believe how cheap pumpkins are at Ralphs today.

Dennis Calero quick reminder that Wolverine First Class 20 is out. If you liked 19, you’ll like 20. If you hated 19, buy it anyway, it’s totally better.

Francis Manapul Packed plane. Smells weird 🙁 I miss first class

Chris Samnee Feelin’ like a pro today. Saw colors for my Spidey gig, turned in Siege pages & my 1st Marvel cover & had a royalty check in the mail:D

Andy Diggle My follower count’s going up and down like a whore’s drawers.

Rick Remender It may not matter how many universes exist – just how many a single observer can tell apart

Tony Lee There’s a man dressed like Gandalf. He’s on a phone. He’s either a monk, a wizard or a man who knows something we don’t. Update. He’s a monk. And didn’t appreciate being told ‘dude, Halloween’s over.’ still think he’s a rocking wizard.

Ivan Brandon dunno if i mentioned it, but my KOBRA story’s being collected with the orig. kirby series. my name on the same cover as kirby’s = flooring.

Brian Michael Bendis “honey, i have pink eye.” “Get away from me, V is on tomorrow night.”

Jeff Parker Okay, can’t let the kids eat this much candy. Taking a huge bag of it to those weak-willed sweet tooths at Periscope Studio now.

Phil Hester Being a “work tornado” has the same effect on my studio as an actual tornado. Very little useful work and lots of paper scattered around.

Andy Diggle Plotting out a big top-secret Marvel project, I just invented the word “explodapalooza.” I’m quite pleased with it.

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