Today(ish) in Twitter – October 14th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Ivan Brandon brazil’s edition of NORTHLANDERS to be called VIKINGS. @beckycloonan suggests brazil’s VIKING should be called NORTHLANDER.

Smilin’ Stan Lee I love exclamation points! Even when you write something dull (like this) they make it seem as if you imparted some exciting information!!!

Chris Eliopoulos One of the cool things of my life has been working with @smilinstanlee though it was a low point in his career, I’m sure. When I first got a check signed by him I didn’t know if I should frame it or cash it. I was pragmatic. Cash in the pocket!

Ryan Kelly Hey, look. That Supergirl drawing I did is on ebay- All the money goes to cancer research.

Robert Liefeld Drawing Lady Deadpool. Lots and lots of Lady Deadpool.

Gerry Conway I have a love/hate relationship with bad 50s s-f movies. I love the concepts, hate the movies. Maybe I should just collect the posters.

Dan Slott Working on Spider-Man plot. Have sudden, inexplicable craving for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (though I haven’t eaten one in years)..

Hope Larson I write comics ABOUT girls, not just comics FOR girls. I know our society doesn’t see the difference.

Matt Sturges My to-do list today is simply astonishing in its length. Best thing to do: pick the most unpleasant item and work my way up to the fun stuff

Fred Van Lente Depicting sleep deprivation torture in comics form is proving to be an interesting narrative challenge.

Jock Vertigo are reprinting the first 12 issues of THE LOSERS as a fat 304-page $20 paperback, on sale January 2010. The movie premieres April.

Gail Simone The new DEXTER novel is horrible. HORRIBLE.

Agnes Garbowska I have been doing layout after layout for days now. I can’t wait to squeeze in some inking time!

matt fraction “‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ is a great song!” –Steve Wacker

Dennis Calero Belinda Carlysle had a giant marshmellow head. It’s really quite alarming. I think she ate the gogos.


Dan Slott Can’t remember all of my last dream, but there was a part where my cat walked over to me and- in a human voice that would suit him- said “Turn in your script.” (I think my editor has Dreamscape powers now. I’m scared.)

Faith Erin Hicks Cat just puked on my bed. SO AWESOME. At least I have money for laundry.

B Clay Moore Coyote in the backyard, staring at us through the sliding glass door. Creepy.

Antony Johnston Ten minutes of bullets hitting things in ultra-slow motion. Awesome and hypnotic.

Cameron Stewart There’s a video trailer for my friend @Andy Belanger‘s Kill Shakespeare comic, but annoyingly he isn’t credited as the artist.

Ed Brubaker Malve says my book isn’t selling. Are some of u not buying Criminal? For shame!

Chris Samnee Today I’m second-guessing every line I put down on paper. Wish there was an “undo” button at the top of each comic page.

Ivan Brandon RIP captain Lou Albano. it’s like my whole childhood is lining up to die.

Paul Pope I have a 1 pg. illo in the upcoming New Yorker, for the book section. My first for them.

Dan Slott ASM: THE LIST one-shot: this book is so damn gorgeous you’re going to buy it dinner, make it mix tapes, & take it home to meet your parents!

Bill Willingham What’s better than a gorilla with a machine gun invading a world of goblins and trolls? Not much. Bucky is doing his amazing on Fables # 90!

Brian Michael Bendis Chik fil a cookie!!!

Matt Fraction What’s got two thumbs and a chik-fil-a “bonor”

Francesco Francavilla Listening to a BBC radio adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot while drawing some really dark pages on Zorro: defnitely a good combo 🙂

Cameron Stewart Prince of Persia is FINISHED! Whew. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn so much in such a short time. 24 pages in 2.5 weeks.

Warren Ellis “Scrotum” is one of those inherently funny words that ruins everything it goes near. For example: “Scrotumpunk.”

Dean Trippe The animated opener for the 2009 Harvey Awards: Highlights from @pvponline‘s hostin’:

Chuck bb sometimes a man wakes up to find out that Captain Lou is dead… and then he pours out his 40.

Jason Aaron F is the letter of the week at my son’s preschool, so for “Show & Tell” one kid brought a Foreigner CD. Well played, child.

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