Today(ish) in Twitter – September 28th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Karl Kerschl: If a comics script says 5 panels, DON’T BELIEVE IT! I average 7 or 8 panels per page, just to get the story across gracefully.

Karl Kerschl A good comic should be lyrical; read almost like a poem. When a comic is well-paced, I catch myself breathing in time with the panels.

Andy Diggle Tried watching TERMINATOR SALVATION on the plane out, but couln’t make it past 20 mins. Seemed to be plotted by kids with Happy Meal toys.

Bryan Lee O’Malley I have brilliant, god-like ideas every minute of every day. Wow, am I ever the greatest.

Rob liefeld It’s always fun drawing over other artists layouts. An artists layouts and gestures are as much a part of their style as the finished art.

Rob liefeld and @jimlee00 I’m excited 4 you to see this double cover with all your characters I’ve been working on!

Paul Tobin There seems to be some correlation between “I hate big government” and, “I need XXL size shirts.”

Leah Moore I just cancelled my Myspace account! i feel somehow more human already! 😀

Cameron Stewart Wow, first a Shuster and now I’ve been invited to Switzerland for a “Lifetime Acheivement” award. I’m so lucky!

Cameron Stewart Freddy ripping open his jacket to reveal the red & green sweater, Superman style, is the dumbest part in that new Elm Street trailer

Kieron Gillen Enough striking fear into that cowardly, superstitious lot. I have to do some work.

Gail Simone I am watching an imaginary sporting event. GO Portland Beekeepers! Wow, Gagon LeFay is really in the zone! Time for Cheeze-testes!

Rachelle Goguen David Finch wins the Shuster for best Canadian comic artist. Really? REALLY?

Dan Slott Hm. Contemplating going back to London for the 1st time in 15 years… because my friend has an extra ticket to a concert. Silly or no?

CB Cebulski More shoddy, sensationalistic reporting in the new Wizard. Let them retweet that as it seems this is where they’re getting all their “news”.

Geoff Johns You know it’s going to be a good Monday when the garbage trucks come an hour early. I deem it a modern day four-leaf clover.

Gail Simone I want to do an anthology that’s only one story, and a trilogy that is four books

jim lee Yeah pretty cool! I can retire content now! RT @hodgesart Wildstorm was mentioned on tonights Simpsons season premiere.

matt fraction Which was more destructive, the Tool Academy Riots or the Zoot Suit Riots? I mean literally destructive not just to our national psyches.

Chipzdarsky Can I be arrested for child porn if I’m editing personal “erotica” using iMovie tutorials about a family beach vacation?

Chip zdarsky I’m asking for a friend.

Jonathan Hickman Just checked my newsfeed for the first time today and noticed it’s Missile Test Monday.

James Robinson Today sucked. It sucked the decayed crusty sweat off the fetid, cankerous underside of an ogre’s balls. That’s how bad it sucked.

Cameron Stewart New blog post – Batman & Robin pinup:

ED. note: Wow. take a look at that picture. Gets me so excited for December’s issue.

marv Wolfman A great LA County Fair. Avoided eating the fried everything or the chocolate covered bacon. Who thinks of these vomitous concoctions?

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