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Charest’s WWII Wolverine

Courtesy of Travis Charest’s blog comes this stunning piece of a World War II era Wolverine. Charest notes “I’ve still got a long way to go but here’s another look at something in the hopper…”.  Few artists are as wonderful…

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Review | Weapons Of The Metabaron

Anything by Travis Charest goes right onto my “must have” list; he’s an amazing artist that seems to keep getting better.  Unfortunately he also seems to be getting slower with new work sorely lacking.  I anxiously awaited Weapons Of The…

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Captain America 616 Charest Cover

Marvel just sent out a press release about Captain America issue 616: it’s been well covered around the comic sites.  What captured my attention was the beautiful Travis Charest cover: why is this man not doing any comic interiors!  Although…

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