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Gerald Lazare 1927-2021

Occasionally, in your journey through life, you meet some very magical individuals. They may be sitting on top of toadstools smoking hookahs. They may be swamp-dwelling, knee-high, green, pointy-eared Jedi with curious speech patterns. They may even be a soft-spoken…

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A few weeks back, in my “Team Canada” post, I made the point that WECA era books did not produce a super hero team like the JSA at National. This week I want to make note of the fact that…

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Undervalued Spotlight #80

Captain Marvel #34, Marvel Comics, September 1974 Another undervalued Captain Marvel? Are you crazy? My Undervalued #77 already featured the too cheap issue #50. This spotlight features the even more neglected Captain Marvel #34. This has to be the most overlooked and…

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