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Retailer Q | #9: DC’s New 52 Six Months In

Welcome to Retailer Q, spinning 52Q’s format at top Canadian comic retailers. Comic Book Daily asks the question and our retail friends give their perspective. DC's New 52 is six months old, titles have been cancelled and new titles announced; all in all a resounding success. As retailers are you seeing sales of DC's titles sinking back to pre-relaunch numbers? Are you selling more DC titles than you were before the relaunch? How does DC's future look from this point on?
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Free Ultimates Digital

Marvel released a FAQ for retailers, which is far more telling: let me see if I can sum this up. For the same cover price Marvel will be selling a print comic and a digital comic. The retailer will receive their usual discount on the print comic and will receive $0.50 credit for every digital copy redeemed. Marvel is basically saying that not only does the digital copy hold no value, they're paying to get it out there.
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