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Top Five Interview Tips

Scoring an exclusive interview, on record, at Fan Expo can be a difficult but rewarding task. The artists and writers featured at this event have a lot of interesting things to say – be it about their current titles or…

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Collecting and Investing Tips #35

Over the years I’ve purchased many large comic book collections. I still remember the first big collection I bought back in around 1986. There were over 7000 comics in this collection dating from the early 1940 through to the mid 1970s. This was the collection that set...
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Collecting and Investing Tip #32

Comic book conventions are dangerous places for impulse buyers. You can end up heading home with a 50 cent comic or you could end up heading home with a 4 foot R2D2 replica, a gorgeous 42” x 38” framed painting of Phoenix, 3 short boxes full of CGC graded comics, 2 Samurai swords, a Viking sword and a 50 cent comic...
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