1. Because of the age of the work I think it’s important to honour living creators from the WECA period.

  2. March 19

    Thanks Ivan, re: Debra. It’s a huge loss for everyone who knew her. I still can’t believe it.

    I think we can probably initiate the email discussions soon on this. You’ve certainly got a great selection of possible inductees from the WECA period. I think we can probably induct at least two from this time period in 2014.

  3. March 19

    I agree, Walt. I missed including the following paragraph from my initial draft when I published the post:

    My contention is that Cy Bell should be a shoo-in. With the over 300 individual issues that Commercial Signs/Bell Features put out from 1941-46, you have just about half of the WECA comic output all begun and published by Cy Bell. Who then should be the other person.

    This paragraph should have come just after the last graphic. So the idea of the post is that Cy should get in and who should we pick to go with him. The list is for this other pick.

  4. March 19

    You have a good point Scott. Last year we inducted Murray Karn, who is still with us and Gerald Lazare has already been inducted. This leaves Jack Tremblay and Mel Crawford. Both worked in the WECA period for about a year each. Their work for Bell Features doesn’t stand up in quantity to any of the other people on the list, but Mel Crawford’s work in American Comics has been huge. Your point is very worthwhile but I, myself, lean towards the creators output.

  5. March 19

    Thanks, Kevin. Walt and I currently support Cy Bell as one who should be an inductee this year, but we are open to consideration of any of the others.

  6. March 19

    I think Cy Bell is a good choice, especially at this time, and agree with Scott that living creators deserve and should be honoured before they pass on.

  7. Stephen Lipson
    March 19

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the total Commercial Signs/Bell Features/Hillsborough studios output would be approximately 168 books, not 300 books:
    Dime Comics # 1-29
    Triumph Comics # 1-31
    Active Comics # 1-29
    Dizzy Don/Funny Comics # 1-22
    Commando Comics # 1-23
    Wow Comics # 1-30

    That is if you only count the WECA books and not the post-WW 2 reprint stuff

    • March 19

      Of course you are right to catch this error, Stephen. I had the number of 300 or so floating around in my brain because I was thinking of the number of comics that there are in Bell Features fonds at the National Archives. I should have known from the 180 or so different microfiche renditions in the Bell Features microfiche collection. When you add the 27 issues of Joke Comics to your list you get 191 plus the 6 15 cent compendiums such as the Nelvana nn, plus Whittle Craft, plus Jet Man 2, and all those New Dime, New Action, issues, plus Colossal Comics, plus the issues of Unusual Comics, all those other 1946 issues of Terrific Comics, Red Hot Comics, Smasher, Comic Crimes, and those issues of Nitro, Johnny Canuck, The Brain, F.B.I. Comics probably brings us up to around 225-30. But the core is the original 191 plus the 6 1945 compendiums and maybe the two different covers of Colossal Comics gives us just about 200 books. Thanks for noticing the slip, Stephen.

  8. Stephen Lipson
    March 20

    Yes. I forgot Joke Comics run Ivan. My bad. You are certainly more thorough than I am. Kudos!

    • Stephen Lipson
      March 20

      I find the Dingle cover swipes for books like FBI comics and Nitro comics very cool as well and the compendiums are neat as well

      • March 20

        It’s funny, Stephen. I’ve just been looking at the compendium books and the three I’ve examined all have a previously unpublished story. You’ve recently reported this about the Nelvana book and I’ve looked at the Speed Savage and the Tang and they both have previously unpublished material. I’ve still got to examine the Spike and Mike, Phantom Rider, and the Thrilling Stories for Boys issues. I’ll need your help on the story titles from these last three to check them against existing stories.

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