1. If there is anyone out there who would like to see Scott’s collection, I am selling some magic beans. You just need to climb up the beanstalk to get to his house.

  2. David Diep
    May 25

    They also released the first volume of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run in this smaller format. I don’t think that series was meant for children at all and it’s even more odd when the first volume of the series in the regular size is still in print.

  3. May 26

    Why are comic books getting smaller anyway? My eyes aren’t getting any bigger. :)

  4. Maybe the publishers are getting the kids used to holding and reading iPad sized books figuring tablets is the way most comics will be read in a few years.

  5. greg
    December 20

    I love the 6×9 format and I’m post40! Fits well in my medium sized hands and is easy to hold and take out. Only issue is the size of the font which could be bigger for my old eyes – which is the same issue I have with the iPAD.

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