1. February 16

    As someone who has occasionally monetized creative works, I have to say that it has always been more important for me that my creations are discovered and appreciated than it has been to count pennies. Money is nice, but the immortality of having your work live on long after you yourself are gone is much more important. Therefore boycotts are counter-productive. I do think that the artists, however, should be paid a fair wage of course! Just that none of them really did it for the money, anyway!

    • February 16

      I agree that a boycott would not solve much when it comes to Kirby, hell, I would estimate half of the comic readers today don’t even know who he is! I do not agree that he should be happy with the recognition, that didn’t put food on the table.
      Kirby worked, at the least, 15 hour days. There has been stories of his wife waking up at 4 in the morning and forcing Jack to come to bed, and when she woke in the morning, there he was at his table, working. Kirby may not have been the most savvy business man, but he was and probably will always be the hardest working man in comics. He had to work those hours to keep up with deadlines.
      In the case of recognition, yes he deserves that and MUCH more. The Marvel method, as it came to be known, was Stan would give Jack a basic outline and plot points to the story, Jack would create the art, and Stan would fill in the dialogue according to Jacks work.
      Jack deserves WAY MORE recognition than Stan, but Stan was always the outgoing personality, which is a better face for a company than Jack Kirby.
      The Kirby estate deserves what they are asking for, but boycotting is counter productive, a lot of fans will enjoy the Avengers (hopefully), and perhaps discover Kirby for the first time…leading to many more inspired artists and writers to enter the field.
      Kirby inspired me to work at my own art and still does to this day!
      If you really want to help Kirby, take a look here!


  2. Mot Yrreb
    February 18

    I’m going to boycott all three. Have been for years.

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