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  1. Brent Chittenden
    June 7

    And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Pixar’s first live action film is John Carter…. nope… gotta be coincidence.

  2. I think Skottie Young has basically been a name for the last few years.


  3. Laura
    June 8

    Young’s art looks cartoony, childish and fun. It makes people think ‘kid appropriate’ from the get go. I think that’s why they use him for kids’ books so often.

    Marvel is doing great with it’s kids books like Super Hero Squad. But when they go out of the genre they seem to miss the mark. I’m gonna check out 15 Love #1, which looks like a manga inspired series. Do I have high hopes? No, but I might as well try it before I judge it.

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