Azzarello/Risso Tease Spaceman

Last updated on March 8th, 2012 at 07:19 am

Over at Vertigo’s Graphic Content Blog they tease an actual conversation between 100 Bullets writer Brian Azzarello &  Editor Will Dennis:

AZZ: I got an idea for a new series.
ME: What’s it called?
ME: SPACEMAN? Is that one word or two?
AZZ: It’s one. Like SUPERMAN.
ME: It’s like SUPERMAN?
AZZ: No! It’s like SUPERMAN but not like SUPERMAN.
ME: So what’s it about.
AZZ: A spaceman. What the hell else would it be about?
ME: Right. And it’s with the entire 100 BULLETS team?
AZZ: That’s the plan.
ME: Cool. Can we get it out in 2011?
AZZ: Why the hell not?
ME: Book it.

Now obviously I’m pretty pumped about this. 100 Bullets was the reason I got back into comics, but what really excites me is that Azzarello is going to have the whole 100 Bullets team back – which means that artist Eduardo Risso is going to be coloured by Trish Mulvihill – one of the best colorists working in the industry right now.

Anything worth learning about comics as an art-form can be found within the pages of 100 Bullets – Patricia Mulvihill was the first colorist I took note of early on – especially with her work in #41 (“a crash”) where her use of color took the book to heights I didn’t even know existed in comics.

While not much is known about SPACEMAN, we do know that it will be a series of miniseries – similar to Hellboy – rather than an ongoing series. We also know that it will be awesome… right? Right?

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