Category So You Wanna Open A Comic Shop?

A guide to opening a successful comic book shop.

In Conclusion

Comic book retail in the 1990s was very different. Due to a vast distribution system there was a relatively low start up cost, and it seemed that anyone and everyone was opening up a shop with little more than a…

How Much Will This Cost?

At last we’ve come to the nitty gritty of retailing: cost. Three basic and fundamental costs associated with a comic shop: retail space, employees, inventory. Any retail store will require all three to keep the doors open and the lights…

What Does Success Look Like?

As many of your know, Scott and I have the privilege of sitting on the selection committee for the Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Comic Book Retailers. Part of the Joe Shuster Awards, the Kremer is given each year to…

Comic Book Conventions

Once you have an established shop you may wish to sell your wares at a comic book convention. You are no longer testing the waters of comic book retail as you did before you opened shop, but rather you are…

Running Store Events

As a local comic shop you will most likely end up running two types of store events: Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and creator signings. Let’s look at the logistics of each. In general both will require something your store…

HR and Customer Service

So you’ve found a perfect location for your store, you’ve got inventory, and you’ve tested out selling at small one day conventions. Now you need to hire staff (or not), develop some store policy, and implement the customer service model…

Store Layout & Merchandising

We previously discussed the type of comic book shop you wanted, and what areas you would focus on. With seed capital, retailer accounts with distributors and a retail location you are ready to put your dreams into a physical space: your store.

Location and Store Vision

The retailing waters have been tested at one days shows and you've enjoyed the experience and see opening a comic book store as a viable option. Now it's time to find a location and determine what kind of comic shop you want.

Testing The Waters: One Day Shows

Opening a comic shop is a major commitment in money, time and sanity. Many have the itch and inclination to do so, but lack the experience in sales, customer service and business acumen. The rise of the local comic show presents a low cost opportunity to test the waters and see if a comic shop is a dream worth pursuing.